About The Director

Mark Waldron, the company director, has always enjoyed the process of building and creating things. Since he was a child, he would always be found creating things with playing with Lego or drawing and generally being creative. When he was older, every family member and friend knew to ask Mark to come and build their new flat pack furniture as he'd relish the chance to put together a challenging wardrobe or bed! It was clear that he had a passion for building and creating things and this is what gave him great satisfaction and happiness.

In his late teens, he took up roles in retail and call centres were he learnt the importance of an excellent customer experience. He then went on to become a trainer, talking to and training large groups of new staff members all about customer service and the various products and computer systems used by the multiple clients of the call centre.

This experience was all extremely useful as no person or company could ever know too much about the ways to exceed their customers' expectations! However, the whole time that Mark worked in an 'office job', he knew he was not fulfilling his true potential or achieving complete happiness. He finally decided to make a bold decision and handed in his notice at the call centre he worked at during his late 20s and started a job for a local Wirral builder where he learnt a lot during his first 2 years of being a tradesperson.

Today, Mark delivers to his clients what starts out as their vision for their own properties and in the process, gets to do what he loves best - Creating and building things! This is a great win-win situation were all parties gain what they set out for.

About Waldron Construction

Waldron Construction makes properties bigger and better and is a North West based construction company that maintains extremely high standards of workmanship and customer service. They achieve this through rigorous business processes and clear communications with their clients. The director, Mark Waldron, has a great eye for detail and this quality filters down to the tradespeople carrying out the top quality work for the company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be known as a leading construction company, using innovation and cutting edge technologies to develop domestic and commercial property. We will help to grow the local economy by providing work opportunities and employing local apprentices to generate new skills. We will help to create stronger, happier, local communities, where people take pride in their built and living environment.

Our Mission

By adding real value to properties through quality of service, excellence in all areas and having our clients’ best interests at heart, Waldron creates structures that are worthy of and loved, by the clients for which they are built.

Our core Values

Exceeding expectations - Making clients and staff members happy is not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them.

Innovation - Always improving what we do and how we do it.

Fun - Ensuring that we all enjoy what we do, with the people that we work with.

Honesty and integrity - Being open, honest and transparent at all times.


CHAS Accreditation

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

Accreditation is only available for contractors or consultants who have been assessed as CHAS compliant.

The Accreditation Certificate is valid for 12 months from the date you were last assessed as compliant. In order to maintain accreditation, contractors are assessed on an annual basis.

A CHAS compliant supplier meets acceptable standards of health and safety; threshold standard or core criteria.


Trading Standards Approved - Business approval register


Waldron Construction are proud to be accredited by the Business Approval Register.

Being Trading Standards Approved members of BusinessApprovalRegister.com means a great deal. We value the support of Trading Standards Professionals, their partnership with Wirral Council and with Trading Standards Services. This means our customers can be confident  that they are buying quality products and we are delivering excellent services.

In addition, all approved businesses have made a commitment to our Customer Charter and Code of Practice that clearly defines the assurances made by the business in delivering their goods and services to you. Customers can also leave feedback and rely on independent reviews and a star rating.


Business Network International

Waldron Construction are proud to be active members of BNI and subscribe to the ethical standards of the membership. We have been the top performing member for the last 33 months in the Merseyside region, which currently has approximately 450 members.

With over 200,000 members worldwide, BNI is the largest business networking organisation in the world.



CITB works with construction companies to help them improve skills, increase their competitive edge and respond to the many challenges employers face – from the low carbon agenda, through to reducing costs on-site and recruiting the best and brightest talent for their sector. 

Waldron Construction currently engages in the apprenticeship scheme through CITB, employing a young, local member of the Wirral community.


The company originally started out as Waldron Joinery in 2010, with Mark Waldron registering as a sole trader in joinery. In 2013, after taking a natural route of carrying out more adventurous projects, Mark decided to change the company name to better suit the work and projects being undertaken and Waldron Construction North West Ltd was formed.

Since then, Waldron Construction has grown steadily, entering new sectors such as maintenance for letting agents and insurance repair work for insurance companies and loss adjusters. We have been a part of the apprenticeship scheme in the past and have recently taken on another young apprentice.